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Inflatable Buildings
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Inflatable Buildings

Qingdao Airbrother is a professional manufacturer of inflatable membrane buildings, who have been in this field from 2008.

The Principle of Airbrother inflatable buildings: Fix the film to the ground foundation, use air blower to reach certain air pressure, the pressure difference between  the inside and outside will support the building, no need any beam and pillar, it can get maximum architecture space. After more than 60 years of development, a complete theoretical system and technical standard have been formed. 

The advantages of inflatable membrane buildings compared with traditional buildings:

1. Long-span space and light weight.

2. Lower cost. For 10,000 sq.m, its cost is less than 1/2 than traditional buildings.

3. Higher energy-efficient and green building.

4. More building flexibility.

5. Shorten construction period. For a 10,000 sq.m inflatable building, from starting production to finishing installation, it only took us 50 work days.  

6. Using natural daylight.

Semi-transparent film can be used only for single layer design. There will be no thermal insulation if not using double-layer film.

Combination of partially transparent and non-transparent film could be a good solution to daylight using and thermal insulation.

7. Best safety.

A. High resistance to weather, such as wind, rain and snow;

B. The tensile strength of the film of 0.6mm is similar as steel plate, and very easy to repair.

C. Two blowers. One works normally while the other is spare for unexpected need.

D. A computer system automatically records all the data.

8. Floodlighting without glare.

PVDF film has very good light reflectivity and low light absorption. The reflected lamplight will be well-distributed and no-glare due to the good reflectivity of inner film.

9. Superior ventilation effect, makes you feel like nature.

The scientific above-floor displacement ventilation system is much more effectively than normal ones. This will provide super quiet airflow and improve indoor air quality. This kind of ventilation is suitable for indoor sports. Our system integrates air filling, indoor ventilation and air conditioner without any indoor pipe. This leads to effective energy saving.  According to the numbers of person inside, the ventilation can be adjusted from 8 to 26 to,es per hour. Thus, it can keep fresh air all the time. Our ventilation system makes you feel comfortable as nature when you are inside the building.

10. Intelligent building.

A. Computer system automatically control and maintain the normal running of the building.

B. Central control system can adjust inner pressure according to the outside weather conditions.

C. You can monitor the current pressure of building at home by the handphone software.

D. Humanized design: fresh air, temperature and light could be adjusted as needed.

E. Integrated design for all electromechanical equipment. And remote control is available.

If you need more details of our inflatable membrane buildings, please don’t hesitate to contact with us.